The Surveillance Ethicist

Concerns For the Future of Surveillance

Snowden, Paris and the Encryption Question

The Surveillance State and the Right to Privacy

The surveillance state wants to see your messages...

Surveillance, Snowden and the State

Michael Carter, PhD Candidate at Queen's University, speaks with Edward Snowden

#AskSnowden: Privacy, Ethics, Bill C-51 and Mass Surveillance

Bill C-51: Anti-terror. Anti-privacy.

Hope for the New Transparency?

Bill C-13 and Personal Privacy in the Digital Age

Expanding Surveillance Borders in Canada

UN Report: Mass Surveillance Violates Personal Privacy Rights

How much does the secretive spy agency CSEC know about you?

Is Your License Plate Personal Information?

Whether a license plate is personal data is an inherently political question. 

A Day In The Life Of A Nine-Year-Old

A glimpse into how surveillance has become a part of our everyday routine.

What's The Problem?

Watch the Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada video for a quick introduction to why we should be concerned.

Transparent Lives

Our comprehensive report on surveillance in Canada is now available.

Our comprehensive report on surveillance in Canada is available. Download it here.

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